The following vendors all support Wilkinson Public School. Please consider their services and mention that you appreciate their support.
Bona Pizza - Tel. 416-406-5000
If you are looking for a quick take out or a last minute casual dinner out, think Bona Pizza! Choose from 67 toppings and make your own gourmet pizza. Toppings include a variety of meats and veggies to suit any taste. If you're not feeling for pizza you can also choose from an extensive pasta menu. Bona Pizza Pasta is located in the heart of Greek town. This is a casual eatery, reservations are not required so you can dine-in, take-out or have your food delivered (call the restaurant for minimum amount required for delivery).
How does Bona Pizza give back to Wilkinson Junior Public School?
For every $20 spent, Bona Pizza will contribute $1 to Wilkinson Junior Public School. When ordering, all anyone needs to do is say they are from Wilkinson School. Keep your receipts and drop them off in the Main Office marked to the attention of Wilkinson School Community Council.


The Beach SupperWorks - Tel. 416–690–3535
Let The Beach SupperWorks help with great meals throughout December! December is a very busy month for most of us as we get ready for the holidays. It’s an exciting month and to help make it easier for you to have delicious home cooked meals this month and over the holidays, The Beach SupperWorks has waived assembly fees for pickup orders of 6, 9 or 12 entrées. All you need to do is place your order online through (select the Toronto – The Beach store) or over the phone and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up (three day advance ordering required). Take advantage of this great offer and place your order today. SupperWorks will be closed for the holidays starting Dec 24 so be sure to pick up your orders prior to that.
How does The Beach SupperWorks give back to Wilkinson Junior Public School?
Use the charity code WPS when registering for a session and Wilkinson all receive 4% of the total sale.

Donate Naturally -
When time gets tight, shop for your non-perishable organics and natural household goods online here! includes but is not limited to the following brands: Ace Bakery, Earth’s Best, Green & Black’s, Kashi, Mighty Leaf Tea, Nature Clean, Organic Food Bar, Rice Dream, Sha Sha, Simple Organic and Tazo Tea! Shop for Gift Baskets, too!
How does EDF give back to Wilkinson Junior Public School?
By your natural and organic groceries through The Everyday Fundraising Group and the school of your choice receives a donation equal to 15% of your purchase. This means you are donating to and investing in your child's education every time you grocery shop. These are groceries that each of us purchase somewhere else on a weekly basis anyway; now this money is going from a large corporation to your child's school.


Mabel’s Labels -
Great gift idea! Created by moms who were frustrated by the amount of stuff that left home, never to return! After lots of research and testing they created the perfect labels for the stuff kids lose. Their sticky labels and clothing labels are dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe, and customized with a child’s name, choice of colours and icon.  
Special products:  

  • “My 411 Wristbands" which are durable, disposable bands customized with names, phone numbers and other important information.  Allergy Alerts available as part of the sticky labels remind caregivers of allergies and other special needs.
  • Household Labels:  Developed by professional organizers, Household Labels organize everything from storage bins, food containers and spice jars to craft supplies, electronics cords and trash cans.
  • Holiday Labels:  Limited edition includes Holiday Return Address Labels, Stocking Stuffer Combo and Santa Tags.

How do Mabel’s Labels give back to Wilkinson Junior Public School?
When you buy Mabel’s Labels 20% of your total purchase goes back to Wilkinson Junior Public School.