About Wilkinson

Opened in 1915, Wilkinson Public School has been part of the Danforth/Donlands community for 100 years. Our school is rich in cultural diversity, with 550 students speaking over 15 different languages. This provides an exciting opportunity for all our students to learn about and celebrate many different cultures.

All people at Wilkinson work towards building a welcoming, respectful, and safe school for everyone. Our
dedicated staff and parents (through our School Council) work together to create a close-knit school community for the benefit of our whole neighbourhood.

We believe that all children have the potential to succeed in school. We provide rich programs in literacy, mathematics, science and the arts. Wilkinson offers a mid-Immersion French program for students in Grades 4-6, and promotes the integration of information technology into all of our classrooms. Our daycare centre (for children aged 2 1/2 to 10) is an integral part of the school. These programs help build the lifelong learning skills and values that all children need to become responsible members of our society.

Wilkinson Public School is part of the
Toronto District School Board, who maintain this webpage about the school.

Address Information
Wilkinson Public School
53 Donlands Avenue
Toronto, ON M4J 3N7

Where did Wilkinson School get its Name?

Our school is named after William Carr Wilkinson (1841-1927). W.C. Wilkinson was a native Torontonian who was appointed as Secretary to the Toronto Public School Board on November 4, 1874. He held this position until he retired 45 years later (!) in 1919. Mr. Wilkinson is remembered above all for his commitment to recording and preserving the history of education in Toronto. His many contributions to the cause of public education were marked in 1915 when Wilkinson Public School was named in his honour. He died on May 26, 1927 in the same house he was born; 121 Parliament Street.

Photo provided courtesy of the TDSB Historical Photograph Collection